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Do I need to take the tax information interview?

Audible requires all providers to provide valid taxpayer identification information in order to comply with U.S. tax reporting regulations governed by the U.S. tax authority (Internal Revenue Service "IRS"). The tax information interview collects the information needed to complete an IRS tax form (e.g. IRS Forms W-9 or W-8) which will be used to certify your U.S. or non-U.S. status, determine if your payments are subject to IRS reporting, and the rate of U.S. tax withholding (if any) applicable to your payments. Until your tax status is "Complete", your payments will be subject to delay.

What information will I need to provide?

U.S. tax status (U.S. person or non-U.S. person), the name of the individual or organization that will report the income on an income tax return, permanent address, and U.S. and/or foreign (non-U.S.) taxpayer identification number (TIN), if applicable.

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